TRAN committee Chair Michael Cramer: "It's time to conclude the work on the 4th Railway Package"

08. Oktober 2015 zur Übersicht

Press Release of the European Parliament 8.10.2015

"Our committee has been waiting for the Council to define its stance on the political pillar and is happy to hear that the Member States have now agreed on a general approach," said Michael Cramer (Greens/EFA, DE), EP transport and tourism committee chair, following the adoption of Council positions on the two proposals to liberalise domestic rail passenger services and strengthen the governance of railway infrastructure at the Council transport ministers meeting on Thursday.

"We urgently need more efficient railways  - not only for the users and the companies, but also to protect the climate. It is time to sit down with the Council and discuss the political pillar, as we successfully did before the summer on the technical pillar," Mr Cramer added.

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