Press release: Low-Emission Mobility - EU must turn words into deeds

20. Juli 2016 zur Übersicht

Michael Cramer - Die Grünen/EFA im Europäischen Parlament

Low-Emission Mobility

EU must turn words into deeds


The European Commission today presented its long awaited strategy on decarbonising the transport sector, as part of its package of measures towards achieving the climate change targets agreed in Paris in 2015. Commenting on the new strategy, Greens/EFA MEP Michael Cramer, chair of the EU Parliament's transport committee said:

“The European Commission has acknowledged the changing times. So far, transport is the only sector that has not reduced its greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 and so it should move immediately towards low-carbon forms of transport. The Commission has rightly ensured that fair and efficient pricing will be the main tool towards achieving this. There is currently no market economy within the transport sector because environmentally-friendly rail transport is the only form of transport that is fully subject to taxes, levies and the requirements of the Emissions Trading System.

What is still lacking are binding targets for aviation and shipping. We need to make sure that the fastest-growing emitters in transport also contribute their fair share to climate protection."