GreensEFA 5-points declaration on revitalising night train and EC/IC services

08. Juli 2015 zur Übersicht

In recent years, more and more European overnight trains and EC/IC (Eurocity/Intercity) train services are being cancelled. Although these trains are popular with customers, the train companies are usually more interested in strongly investing in high-speed daytime services.

We therefore demand:            

1.     Night train and EC/IC services should be reinstated and modernised at least to a level that would be comparable with the offer of services - both in terms of quantity and quality - as they existed before the wave of closures, in order to offer an environmentally sustainable and safe alternative to line busses and low cost air transport

2.     European Rail companies should publish during 2016 an integrated and detailed overview of night trains and EC/IC services that were cancelled during the last 20 years as well as new services that were initiated

3.     The European Commission should realise a preparatory action within its next annual budgets on revitalising night train and EC/IC services, as is already proposed by the EP TRAN Committee; this should be based on i.a. TEN-T rail network and the PSO regulation and consider tendering procedures in favour of rail public services

4.     The European Commission in close cooperation with member states and railway companies should introduce a first five years action plan to support and promote better and more night train and EC/IC services

5.     Investments in the rolling stock, infrastructure and information/ticketing (digital) tools for nights trains and EC-IC trains, including a review of the high cost of rail charges, compared with air and road infrastructure use, should be intensified i.a. within the different EU funds

Brussels,  01 July 2015