Climate Change and Transport

05. Juli 2005 zur Übersicht

Workshop of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament - Thursday 1 September 2005 in Brussels

Transport and its emissions have a significant influence on the problem of climate change. The Greens in the EP want to have a detailled look into the subject - at present problems and possible solutions. Scientists from all over Europe as well as transport experts of the Greens will discuss the current problems and the necessary steps towards a sustainable transport sector in the EU.

The Workshop takes places in the

- European Parliament

- Room Petra Kelly, ASP 01G02

- Thursday 1 September 2005

with simultaneous translation

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09.00 Welcome and introduction
Claude TURMES - Vice-President of the Greens/EFA in EP

09.10 The present contribution to climate change by the entire transport sector, possible scenarios for the future.
- Peder JENSEN - European Environment Agency - Copenhagen

09.30 The rapidly increasing impact of aircraft on climate change, economic and other instruments.
- Jos DINGS - European Federation for Transport and Environment (T&E)
- Dr. Karl-Otto SCHALLABÖCK - Wuppertal Institute - Germany

Moderation (in both panels): Eva Lichtenberger - MEP

10.10 Discussion

11.00 The role of long distance freight transport, alternatives and transport avoidance.
- Prof. Dr. John WHITELEGG - University of York - Eco-Logica Ltd.
- Ueli BALMER - Deputy Head Transport Policy Section, Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development

Moderation: Sepp Kusstatscher - MEP

11.40 Discussion

12.30 Lunch break

15.00 The urban mobility of persons, examples of best practice for climate protection.
- Prof. Dr. Hermann KNOFLACHER - Technical University Vienna
- Jenny JONES - Green Party, London Assembly Member

Moderation: Michael Cramer - MEP

15.40 Discussion

16.40 Conclusions: Margrete Auken - MEP

17.30 End