Car emissions

23. September 2014 zur Übersicht

TRAN chair Michael Cramer urges speedier action on new testing methods

“This study confirms worries that many MEPs already expressed when in February 2014 the Parliament voted on a cutting CO2 emissions - many manufacturers exploit weaknesses in the current procedure, leading to official consumption and emission figures which are far from those achieved in everyday driving conditions,” said Michael Cramer, chair of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament, commenting on the findings by a consumer organisation.

"The European Parliament has been persistently calling for more efficient cars. Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is in the best interest of consumers, the industry and the environment,” said Cramer. “The new findings clearly show the need to speed up the work at EU level on more realistic test procedures for fuel consumption of cars. They should be in place by 2017."

“With misleading information consumers are unable to choose more efficient cars, which ultimately also undermines fair competition at the expense of innovative car producers,” he added.



BEUC press release Car manufacturers mislead on fuel consumption claims  (23.09.2014)

Michael Cramer, chair of the Transport and Tourism Committee

Transport and Tourism committee